Why I decided to buy Private Medical Insurance

I decided to write a post about my recent journey buying private medical insurance because I wanted to share that it is still possible, although arguably less straightforward, to get health insurance in the UK with a pre-existing condition. It’s worth disclaiming upfront that the information in this post is based on my own personal… Continue reading Why I decided to buy Private Medical Insurance


Haramaki: the Japanese secret to health & wellbeing

What is a Haramaki anyway? The word ‘Haramaki’ literally means ‘bellywrap’ in Japanese.  The word originally referred to a type of metal armour worn by samurai under their armour to protect their stomach and kidneys, and dates back to the sixteenth century.  Haramaki have been used for centuries in Japan, gradually evolving from armour into… Continue reading Haramaki: the Japanese secret to health & wellbeing


Goal-setting with chronic illness

One of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of 2017 was to set-up a blog so I could talk about the challenges of chronic illness. I wanted to do this because I felt like having a regular writing habit and an outlet where I could reflect on the challenges I was experiencing would help me find better ways of coping. Plus I am a creative person and like to find ways of expressing myself.